Adolavin Pegason
"Hmn! A turtle!"

Core StatisticsEdit

Name: Adolavin Pegason.
Class: Rogue.
Age: 78
Race: Half Blood Elf
Eye Colour: Green.
Hair: Brown.
Skin-Tone: Pale, sickly.
Height: 5'7.
Weight: 160lbs.
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like Tetrim, Adolavin is a half-elf, a result of when humans and blood elves mate. However, due to the more dominant human genes, he was born with a nearly flawless human appearance, though still "Gifted" with large ears. Though cursed with the plague, his limbs seem intact, where as most forsaken lose the sinew around their knees and elbows, his only seem to be thin and pale, along with the rest of his body.


Despite having almost completely lost his touch with the arcane arts, Adolavin is immensely curious towards nearly everything that is foreign to him. Raised by his Father and Mother in nearly complete isolation, he has taken his teachings seriously, referring to them with every action he takes.

Apparently, being cursed with the dark plague hasn't taken an emotional toll on Adolavin at all. He views it as nothing but a sickness, a disease that only he can cure using alchemy. Though his actions may seem curiously childish, he still moves with a quiet intelligence, having passed each trial and challenge that Azeroth has dealt him.

With an unending amount of courage and determination, Adolavin leaves Tirisfal, seeking to improve his alchemy to accomplish his goal, saving his family, friends, and curing the plague.



The result of human and blood elf blood, Adolavin found himself constantly chastised, even by his own blood. His parents, having difficulty in finding acceptance, hid away in the mountainous regions of Tirisfal. Due to his upbringing in isolation, Adolavin has almost, if not completely lost his infatuation with the arcane arts, something many blood elves still deal with on a regular basis. Unfortunately for he and his parents, the plague took its effects on him as it did the denizens of Tirisfal. Due to his severance of the arcane arts, Adolavin took interest in few thing as a child, most things were hardly related to magic at all. However, he is immensely interested in the ancient art of alchemy and botany, so much infact that he is determined to rid himself of the plague, working in opposition to the rest of the forsaken. Rather than seeking to create a perfect plague to envelop the world, he seeks to create a cure.