DELETED Name: Agra
Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Professions: undetermined
Age: 21
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Hometown: Brill
Family: Unknown (warsong)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Height: 6'4" (180 lbs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red


Agra has no clue who her parents were and no one ever decided to tell her if they ever knew. She has no close apparent ties to anyone (though she won’t admit it she does wish she had even one person to call friend). She quiet, methodical and a bit calculating, some might even say cold. She is blunt almost to the point of being rude but she does not lie. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. With the proper input and reinforcement she has the potential to be a very caring soul. She feels a bit of a kinship with the forsaken since they as well as warlocks are viewed in a distrustful light.




Agra’s parents were traveling merchants. One fateful trip they saw a group of strangers approaching the caravan. Not knowing who these people were and with just enough time to hide the cub, her mother hid her in a hollow tree till they were sure it was safe. Unfortunately the strangers had dark intentions and destroyed the entire caravan and everyone in it. Since she was still hidden, where her mother had left her, she was safe for the time being. As night approached, the light faded and the temperature dropped she became cold, scared and hungry and began crying to alert mom to her discomfort. The sound of her crying caught the attention of a passing traveler who found her hidden tree. Seeing the still burning caravan the traveler figured she must've been with someone in the ravaged caravan and that her care-takers were likely killed since the cub had not been retrieved. Her benefactor wasn't able to care for a child on their own, so they brought her to the nearest Orc encampment to get the care she would need as she grew. She had an uneventful childhood save for the fact that she knew that twice she was unwanted and with this knowledge she stayed quiet and reserved rather than allow herself to be hurt anymore. Her caretakers fulfilled her basic needs, fed, clothed and educated her but she refused to allow them into her heart. When she was old enough she presented herself to the warlock trainers, at least with a demon she knew its intentions and could take the appropriate precautions.