Angirus NightbreezeEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: Legal, but not yet obsolete
Birthplace: Outside Auberdine, Darkshore
Residence: Stormwind City
Class: Hunter
Professions: Miner/Engineer
Affiliations: Initiate of The Forgotten Order

The Character DiamondEdit

(( The following is in the vein of the Character Diamond idea, which seems to me a very interesting way of going about character description. I will follow the Wedding Mnemonic, just because it's cool. ))

Old (racially-typical trait) - patient. Angirus has the Elves' tendency to allow time to take its course. He is — in a grand sense, at least — in no hurry.

New (racially-unusual trait) - progressive. Angirus thinks that it is stupid to get stuck in the past, ignoring the here and now. He feels more at home among humans, who are always willing to try something new, rather than among his own kin, who tend to idolize the old ways.

Borrowed (class-typical trait) - selective. Angirus makes relatively few friends, though he is polite and courteous in general. These few, however, tend to be very close.

Blue (interesting color) - peaceable. Angirus avoids conflict when he can, especially in regard to the Alliance/Horde conflict. He prefers honest, respectful negotiation.


Angirus has dark, purplish skin, and nearly-white hair. He keeps a long ponytail and impressive lambchops, in addition to the classic eyebrows of his race. His eyes glow yellow. He carries himself with a degree of youthful energy, though a habitual slouch makes him a bit shorter than he might otherwise be. He attributes his posture to spending so much of his time among shorter races; he has long since left the lands of his own people, and this excuse seems reasonable enough. His face is free of visible scars; his hands, however, are a complete mess. He never appears in public in a state of undress, and so nobody is entirely certain if the rest of his body carries any such markings.

Generally, Angirus keeps himself well-dressed, but the continual hardship of a hunter's life is still evident. The right sleeve of his shirt, while white and neat, has been restitched several times. He wears a mix of mail and leather armor while in the field, but strips away anything bulky or particularly smelly when in town, to avoid giving the impression of a barbarian. He proudly wears the blue tabard of The Forgotten Order at all times.

Except when in heavily populated areas, he is accompanied by a dark, striped nightsaber named Althirax. The cat gets nervous in large groups of people, and so Angirus tries to avoid putting his friend in such uncomfortable situations. A turtle dubbed "Speedy" by his previous owners occasionally follows around town, as well, as a reminder of the orphans of Stormwind. "Those kids are the greatest."


Among Angirus' favorite sayings is that "There is a time for arrows, and a time for ale." He enjoys both.

Angirus tries to be helpful to everyone, partly out of a conscious desire to honor the Order he has joined and partly because he feels awful after being mean to anyone who didn't really deserve it. He tends to take an older-brother stance towards anyone he doesn't recognize as his superior, joking with, and watching out for, those he cares for.

He takes pride in the crafting of guns, and will happily assemble one for anyone who can provide the necessary materials. In spite of this, he carries a bow for his own use. While Angirus certainly sees no evil inherent in new technologies, he does not think of them as revolutionary or "the way of the future"; they are simply tools.

He refers to Teldrassil as "the World Stump." He thinks very poorly of those who are trying to grow a new world tree and regain the Keldorei's lost immortality, saying, "They would sacrifice the living to make a race of statues — unchanging, unliving monuments to a past that should be allowed to pass away."

Angirus has never attacked a member of the Horde, and intends not to except in self-defense or in defense of a friend. He still honors the truce among the races, in spite of the erosion of the peace. He will not be the one to break it. Instead, he admires the goals of the Argent Dawn, though he is not yet powerful enough to join their cause.


Angirus was born as Angirus Elorath Nightbreeze to a pair of Keldorei hunters living outside Auberdine. They were outcasts of their houses, and since Angirus was their only child, he took the title "Of No House." They taught him the only way of life that they knew, raising him to become a hunter himself. The relatively happy life that he enjoyed as a child did not last, however. While his parents were hunting the "tainted" bears of Darkshore, they were both slain, and Angirus was passed from family to family until he came of age. Hoping for a new start, he traveled to Teldrassil.

While there, he found, tamed, and began training the nightsaber he calls Althirax. Besides this new companion, however, he found only stale ideals, misplaced goals, and petty political rivalries. He left the city of Darnassus by way of a friend's summoning to Ironforge, and he made his way to human lands, where he has since developed his skills.

After many seasons of fighting with only Althirax at his side, Angirus grew tired of this lonely way of life. "While he's a great friend and companion, of course, Althirax just isn't much for conversation." In his favorite city of Stormwind, he began searching for a guild that would meet his ideals. He found it in The Forgotten Order, and after an application and a very informative interview with Measha, Angirus was accepted as an initiate. Since then, Angirus' well-intentioned but only sporadic involvement with the Order's activities have brought about the title of "Long-Term Initiate."

Recently, Angirus has been disappearing into the back alleys of Old Town, Stormwind, for days on end. Apparently he is tending to a human girl named Lenwyn, whom Angirus belatedly rescued from a mugging.

Angirus' friends have always been scattered across the whole of Azeroth, but most often he has adventured with Zindahn, a somewhat belligerent dwarven huntress. She seems fond of him, as does a young Keldorei rogue by the name of Ashecia, but Angirus has yet to reveal any romantic interest in anyone. He also is among the friends of Mr. Emdund Q. Haigelberry, Esq., of Haigelberry & Haigelberry Tailors, and is the source of many of that company's recommendations. His name tends to get dropped all over Azeroth, and many seemingly random people somehow manage to pick it up.