Name: Arelen
Race: Night Elf
Age: 900 ish
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Class: Druid
Professions: Enchanting and Herbalism
Affiliations: Cenarion Circle


Arelen appears to be the typical Night Elf, reserved, quiet, and collected. Her mannerisms perhaps point out her older age. She speaks when necessary, and often plays the role of the mediator or "mother figure". However, there is something charming about her personality. Arelen has a warmth to her, an aura of life and vitality. She may not act brash or hyper, but she's had her fair share of experiences in the past.


Slender and graceful are perhaps the two adjectives which would describe her from afar. She's very fluid in her movements, making it seem as though every single one of her movements is planned. Her facial features are soft, and accompanied by short dark green hair. Leaves are painted around her bright silver eyes. She almost always smells like dreamfoil.


Little is known about Arelen's past. Arelen likes to claim that her past was pretty mellow and nothing of interest really happened. She does know that she was born in Ashenvale, and always felt a calling to become a druid. Arelen has hinted at spending a lot of time learning from Tauren druids in Mulgore, and spending some time on a ship with a few Draenei, but other than that she doesn't reveal much.

Present DayEdit

Arelen spends most of her time adventuring. She happened upon a group of adventurers whom she has come to call friends. At times she adventures with them, or will even find a nice place to sit and chat with them.


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