Core Statistics Edit

Name: Balanitsu Taelvurae Treesong
Title: the Sadistic
Rank: n/a
Race: Night Elf
Class: Rogue
Spec: Assassin/Combat
Professions: Enchanter
Age: 294
Eye Colour: Black
Hair: Silver
Skin-Tone: Pale Violet
Height: 6'5
Weight: 155 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance Edit

At 6'5 she is an imposing figure, like her sister. She keeps her hair short. Lacking the heavier musculature of her Warrior sister, however, she is quite lithe. She wears the tip of a broken tusk attached to a thin leather cord around her neck. She always has a dagger or sword sheathed at each hip. No visible scars mar her smoothe skin, nor tattoos. She has delicate, nimble hands.

More recently, Bala decided to go for a new look... so she seated herself in front of a mirror, stuck a leather wound wood bit in her mouth, took a freshly sterylized dagger from the table on which the mirror stood, and cropped here ears to half of their original length. She cauterized the cuts and stitched the wounds with fine silver wire, careful not to flatten the tip so it would heal in a delicate taper. It was a bit drastic, yes, but for one who questions her own stability of mind... she didn't seem to think so.

Also, due to an 'accident'(involving lack of attention in an unnamed magic users laboratory) her eyes have turned a solid glossy black and no longer glow.

Personality and Habit Edit

Usually social and most often playful. Shes clever and intuitive. Bala finds herself drawn to those who cannot understand or communicate with her past a few simple signs. Being unable to cope the guilt of her past she seeks refuge in new people and experiences. It has been observed that she sometimes takes pleasure in causing others pain, hence her self dubbed title 'the Sadist'. Having spent so much time wandering the Barrens, shes taken to wandering around in Orgrimmar. Shes quite the flirt and loves the attention given by almost any male. She would try to commit but feels noone would hold that interest in her, likely due to her guilt. Overall, shes just easy going and friendly.. but more-so if she thinks she can use you. Always looking for easy money or a new place to explore.

Background Edit

Childhood Edit

She was brought up in Darkshore. Always social and playful, she had many friends. She never thought twice about shirking off her studies to go explore in the wilderness, on her own or with company. Her sister strongly disapproved of this behaviour, always insisting she become 'well educated' and 'follow a path of light' ....meaning, behave and don't have fun and you should become a priestess like mother. *yawn*

Past Edit

Tired of her sisters' patronizing ways and her parents intrusion on her life, at the age of 174, she packed up some belongings and set out on her own.. in the middle of the afternoon one day.... without notifying anyone at all. She had already been picking up some very unbecoming habits. Daring herself more and more every time... lifting a coinpurse from a passing persons belt, sneaking into others houses undetected collecting their small valuables and sneaking back out... but it wasn't enough. She knew she could make her fortune and take care of herself. She didn't need anyone! So she left. Left behind her family, her friends, her home, all that she had ever known.

Her experiences are many and adventures countless. The details of her life can only be told in person ;) Know, though, that she has one regret. Through unforseen circumstances, she murdered the man she loved.

As fate would have it Edit

I had been given a job, it was to be done in Orgrimmar. I'll keep this short, for it pains me to speak it.... there was some bad business between two Orcs. *glares at the dirt and shrugs her shoulders* I had long since made a name for myself and was offered a good price to 'settle the debt'. I was just going through the Drag, keeping to the shadows, when I noticed a face I knew I could never forget.... and the bastard was hand in hand with another woman! I didn't care that he hadn't seen me in years... that he never knew why I left that night... that he didn't even know if I was dead or alive somewhere out there. I did care that he had found someone else! His name was Jin'tal... a former lover, one of many I admit.. but he alone was one I actually ever cared about. It's why I left him... it was dragging me down.. stifling to my way of life. BUT HOW DARE HE REPLACE ME!! Too late I noticed the guards had seen me, I would get him before they got me! I lunged out at him and grabbed him by the collar, but his woman came at me with ferocity and a scuffle between the guards and ourselves erupted. I managed to draw my dagger, I would try to slit Jin'tal's throat for his betrayal.. but the guard parried my blow as it was coming towards my former lover, and as my arm came up dagger in hand I accidentally gashed the troll woman's neck.

No sooner had the dropplet of blood from the troll womans neck on my dagger had flung into the air, that she began to shimmer... it was like a sparkling mist about her entire body.. she transformed, before my eyes into a Kaldorei! But, like a physical blow, this crushing ache overwhelmed my heart, as fate would have it... the elf woman, was my sister. Neither she nor Jin'tal could recognize me thru the mask I wore to hide my features. It had been more than a hundred years since last I saw my elder sibling... she didn't appear to have aged a day. One of the guards hit me hard on the head. I feigned unconciousness. Realization dawned upon the guards that the troll woman was no troll, but was accompanied by one. They both were apprehended along with me. My emotions were roiling within me as hot as the touch of a Firelord.

We were taken to seperate locations for detainment. It was not a difficult task for me to escape my holding. I got the information I needed about what became of my sister and her husband. The merciful Thrall granted them exile instead of death. He saw that they were no spies, but for peace sake he had to cast them out. I left the city and waited for their entourage.

takes a deep breath and releases a loud sigh* I followed them for a couple days, then decided to make my move. I would have my revenge on them both for their betrayal. Late that evening I approached their camp, making sure to be noisy enough to be heard from a distance. I greeted them in a crude dialect of common and orcish. I could tell on first words and sight that they cared little for their charges. Good. I told them I had an interest in their troll as a slave and that I didn't care at all about the elf. Making a few remarks about the goings on of the city and such, to remind them of home, I offered them 10 gold for the troll. They gladly accepted. A couple of them making sidelong glances at my sister. She just sat there, having no idea what was going on, looking all haughty. So typical of her. The dealing done I took my new slave by his leash(bound to his tied hands) and led him off, forcibly, into the night.

I will not speak of the tortures I put him thru. I made sure he knew who I was before I killed him finally..... I dragged his ravaged corpse back to where the camp had been the previous night and layed it near my sister. She had obviously been raped. She was tainted and broken and near death. At that moment, as I dropped the leash I had dragged him by, staring down at my sisters unconscious form and back again at her husband who died at my hands... I felt pity... a great sorrow overcame me. What had I done?! I not only ruined my siblings life but probably cost her it as well! And for what?! Because Jin'tal, the man I abandonded had moved on? That my sister, always so caught up in her pride and prejudice had moved beyond those petty ideals and found love and happiness with him? I was a fool. I knew it then. I knew something else as well at that moment. Regret.

I fled from my feeling of despair. I left them there, knowing she might awaken to that horrifying scene but hoping she would not.

I returned to the site some weeks later. I found Jin'tals' skeleton picked clean by scavangers, but no sign of my sister. I broke down and released my pent up emotions in a flood of tears for myself and what I had done. Picking up his remains bit by bit, I collected them in a bag and took them near a lone tree in the field. There I dug a shallow grave and placed him. Before I covered it I removed his skull from the bag and fondly carressed its tusks, then roughly broke off the end of one of them and placed it in my pocket. I spent the rest of that day scouring the field for stones to mound atop his grave to discourage the wild dogs I knew to be in the area from consuming the rest of him. Then I was gone.

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