Description Edit

Name: Balen Mhaelkhan
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Age: 24
Birthplace: Southshore
Affiliation: Scarlet Crusade

Appearance Edit

Balen is well muscled from years of battling in the name of The Light, and would be considered handsome were it not for the permanent lines of anger etched around his eyes and the corner of his mouth.

Personality Edit

A religious zealot to the core, all that Balen does and is is dedicated to service of The Light and the Crusade. Those who know him best, however, know him to be an affable, cheerful young man- usually when he has several mugs of ale in him.

Background Edit

Balen has suffered a life of tradegy for years, his family taken from him by a wandering "priest", who forced the youth to watch him eat them alive. This event, which would have scarred most youths, strengthened Balen, and he administered his own brand of justice to the priest and avenged his family.

Southshore was not understanding, however, and the young man was cast out, blamed for both the murders of his family and the priest. Wandering north, he found himself in the Plaguelands, and there he survived for several years, fending for himself until he was happened upon by a member of The Scarlet Crusade. The unnamed knight saved his life, inspiring Balen to pursue a life of Servitude to The Light.

Recent History Edit

An aspiring young paladin, Balen grew dissatisfied with the complacent attitudes of those he learned with in the Northshire Abbey. Even his teachers seemed more interested in preaching the word than enforcing it- and so at his first opportunity he left, seeking a new path.

He skipped from guild to guild, slowly losing hope of ever finding a righteous cause...until he caught a glimpse of Scarlet armor in the streets. He was immediately reminded of the knight who saved his life. He immediately followed the armor, coming upon a mounted woman- Lysfara.

Current Events Edit

Balen is now officially a soldier of The Scarlet Crusade, under the command of Sir Zanthius Endelese.

As of late, however, his natural eccentricities have begun dissolving into dangerous borderline psychosis. As a result of the latent trauma of watching his parents die slowly and before his eyes, Balen's mind has been deteriorating slowly through his entire service to the Crusade.

This has become evident recently, as fellow soldier Grimhold remarked after a sexual-innuendo-laced conversation with a druid- "Balen... sometimes you worry me."

It is worth noting that the sexual satisfaction the paladin would seem to gain from the elf would be skinning her alive.

In another incident, Balen refused to/could not recognize initiate Balurn. While he was present at his interview and subsequent initation, the two had to be introduced repeatedly before Balen would acknowledge his presence. And even then, he mistook the dwarf for a markedly hairy child and offered to buy him a whore.