Guild Leader: Overseer Lady Meridith Deathweaver
Guild Officers: Executioner Lord Plagos Deathweaver, Horde Ambassador Munio Coldclasp, Deathguard Dayvid Smythe
Who to Contact: Meridith, Plagos, Munio
Site Address: [1]
Forum: Curse Guild Forum
Allied Guilds: N/A



The Forsaken Crest

Among the Forsaken, there are those that are feared even among their own kind. They walk in the shadows, they fear no being, and are feared by enemies and friends alike. They are loyal to themselves, and to their Queen, and any who would question their loyalty are quickly dealt with. They are known simply... as Curse.

Guild MeetingsEdit

Weekly meetings are held promptly at seven rings of the Town Hall bell in Brill on Tuesdays. All may come and observe, respectfully. There is little that goes one these days outside of guild business, but we still keep to our procedures and adhere to hierarchy.

Other Guild EventsEdit

Annual/Regular Events:Edit

The Gallows
Curse's Hallow's End Ball

One-time/Canceled Events:Edit

Curse's Storytelling Night
The Dark Lady's Bathhouse
Ghrast's Memorial

Recruitment NoticeEdit

Curse needs your rotten bones! Those of us who are loyal to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas have joined together to serve the Forsaken. In time, our full purpose will be revealed to all. For now, our allies are strong and our enemies will be dealt with. Aid will be given to allies of the Queen foremost, and secondly to the Horde.

Since the early days, Curse has loudly proclaimed that we are the Queen's elite. The time to prove that we are what we say is at hand. The vile Scourge are even now assaulting our lands, while the Burning Legion plots it's final Crusade to extinguish all souls from Azeroth. This can not, and will not be tolerated. We are now at war.

Brothers and Sisters, we are all cursed. We are all dead. Let us use that curse, and glorify it, use it to bring vengeance against the living enemies of the Queen and of all Forsaken. Will you heed the call, and join your brethren in battle and glory?

Who are we? ((OOC))Edit

Curse is more than just a guild, and it is far more than a glorified group of friends. In addition to working together, we also seek to enjoy what we are doing. We are a heavy Role Playing guild, meaning that we focus on stories and having fun, and we always act as our character, and not as a person playing a game.

We don't focus on end-game content, nor do we focus on Player-Vs-Player activities. However, neither of these are completely ignored. When the time comes, Curse will indeed be playing a significant role in raids on the deepest and most dangerous dungeons of the land.

We interact regularly with one another, and with other players. In addition, we build deep storylines based on the World of Warcraft universe, and work with others to increase the enjoyability of the game for all Role Players on the Thorium Brotherhood Server Realm.

Ghrast, in MemoriamEdit


Ghrast, Overlord of Curse, and the Defiler of Worlds died on Tuesday, February the thirteenth of unknown causes. Possible murder, or suicide is suspected. The autopsy and investigation is still pending by members of Curse and officials from the Undercity. Ghrast was recently under trial for violations to the throne, but was acquitted of all charges, and underwent treatment for his addiction to the magical substance known as Winterfall Firewater.

Ghrast's accomplishments include the founding of the Queen's guild, Curse, as well as being responsible for establishing events that greatly improved the other races of the Horde's views towards the Forsaken. Ghrast also set forth an example that just because Curse was a group of walking corpses did not mean that they did not have a sense of fashion.

Ghrast's human name is unknown, so the age of (second) death is unknown. There is no additional family or next of kin. Ghrast is succeeded, by his own will, by Lady Meridith Darrow, Overseer of Curse.

Members with WikisEdit

Lady Meridith Deathweaver

Executioner Plagos Deathweaver

Munio Coldclasp

Dayvid Smythe


Elaveene "Elastic" A. Pea

Pestilesa Shadowblade

Putrias Darkheart



Dariahn Wheeler