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Description Edit

Name: No Snowhoof
Race: Tauren
Age: 51
Birthplace: The Thousand Needles
Class: Paladin
Professions: Mining/Blacksmithing
Affiliations: Member of the Snowhoof Tribe; Former tracker for the Grimtotem Tribe; Former Captain of Big Booty; Sunwalker
Appearance: For a tauren, this particular individual's build is unusually light, tending more towards speed than brute strength. His mostly-black coat is covered with the dust of the road. The braid on his chin is tightly woven and tied firmly with a bit of indigo cord. His yellow eyes are sharp and wary. While his gait is confident, he bears a slight limp, favoring his right leg, and his right ear also appears to be missing. When bare-chested, the many scars criss-crossing his chest and arms can be seen quite visibly.

Occupation and PersonalityEdit

The middle-aged Tauren has been a tracker for the matriarch Magatha Grimtotem for some time, but recently left the tribe for good. He's a bit lost in terms of what, precisely, his occupation is now, but he spends his time keeping a watchful eye on those he feels responsible for and searches for his family.

No is not exactly a friendly sort; his demeanor is dour unless he's in a particularly good mood. He keeps to himself and observes his surroundings. While he has a slightly tighter rein over it these days, his temper can still explode with very little warning.


Nomadic YouthEdit

No speaks little of his distant past. It's assumed that he had a falling out with his mother at some early point; he speaks nothing but vitriol towards the woman who gave him his ridiculous name.

Once he joined up with the Grimtotem tribe as a young boy, he spent ample time roaming with them, learning whatever they would teach. As the nomadic Tauren travelled with the seasons, he learned to hunt and trap, track and tame. His fellow tribesmen led a rough life, and as a result the boy quickly grew able to take care of himself. It wasn't long after he reached adulthood that Magatha herself was calling upon No for errands and other tasks. He spent many long years in her service, up to the present day...

From Tracker to TeacherEdit

No and Yes1

No with his ward, "Yes".

No's endless preaching of Cairne's missteps attracted the attention of two young Tauren women: a naive Tenderhoof named Aquenda, and an eager young pupil who, due to the need for secrecy, took on the name "Yes" in a mockery of her mentor's moniker. Yes was of the Bloodhooves, one Bella by name, and he was tasked with protecting and teaching her by the matriarch.

No strove to teach both young women in the ways of his tribe, manipulating their views to more accurately reflect his own. Things became problematic, however, when a dark, blood-drinking Tauren named Ahmtar handed him a book that was supposedly a treatise on a dark version of the Earthmother. Having no affinity for the spirits or faith in the Earthmother himself, he gave the book to Yes.

The tracker had a brief foray into Ahmtar's blood drinking ways, but it was nothing compared to the strange behavior that Yes began to exhibit. He eventually retrieved the book from her, but Ahmtar still had hold of the young shaman. Through many battles, wherein his newfound ally Xa'ru fought alongside them and lost a hand, Ahmtar was defeated and his presence gone. For a brief time, there was peace.

In the meantime, No, Yes, and Aquenda found themselves taking shelter under the banner of a small cult known as the Church of Sanguis Nox. No had no faith in their beliefs of Father Moon and Mother Night, but the Archbishop Tarenmor Tresnian took him in anyway. As time progressed and he proved himself a capable leader, No found himself in the robes of a Bishop of the church. While he enjoyed the relative power he possessed within the church, the notion that he believed in any of the Mother Night dreck was preposterous...

The quiet didn't last. Yes demanded Ahmtar's book be returned to her, and in an act of trust, No acquiesced. Yes grew increasingly distant from No despite their budding romantic relationship, spending more and more time in her studies with the book, drawing a Tauren girl named Ephe in as well. Among Aquenda's infatuation with Mithis Saza, a fiend calling himself Maybe assaulting Yes and No at inopportune times, and the increasing madness within the church, No found his control of the situation -- and his life -- quickly slipping from his grasp. Even his animal companion, a ferocious black raptor named Void, managed to break his bond to the tracker. The connection was reforged, but not without difficulty.

The All-Seeing EyeEdit

Eventually, it was revealed that the book Yes studied was in fact a tome of C'thun, and the Old God had taken hold of the Bloodhoof girl. Instead of accepting the notion, as Yes told him he must, No stubbornly swore to cleanse her of the book's influence.

The church of Sanguis Nox collapsed, the Archbishop gone, but a small, tight-knit group remained together. While No strove to find some way to end C'thun's power over Yes, the Old God's grasp over her grew ever tighter. She killed her brother and another Tauren known as Quiza. Through the power in the book, she supposedly destroyed Maybe, all the while calling C'thun her master.

Increasingly frustrated and despairing of finding any way to save his love, No found himself escaping to the streets of Stormwind, using an illusion to disguise his form. There, having borrowed a small Gnomish translator device, he drunkenly poured out his problems to an elf woman named Pook, since it was obvious he'd probably never see her again and they shared no common language. Eventually, Pook became his confidante, knowing more about the situation than any other save perhaps Yes. Ephe and Xa'ru trailed after him during these excursions, ensuring he survived.

Wiki no3

No finally convinced Yes to give the book over to the Blue Dragonflight for safe keeping, and for a small time, it seemed as if this solution might work... but C'thun's hold remained on Yes despite the loss of the tome. No's natural aversion to such powers put him constantly on edge with Yes; the Tauren girl was becoming stranger to him with each passing day. Resigned, he trailed her to the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, and sank into deep depression when she emerged a true servant of C'thun.

Despite all this, nothing prepared him for the sudden severance of the bond he and Yes shared when she simply disappeared one day. He waited for some sign, but eventually became convinced she was gone. Having mourned the woman he loved for months, No sought solace in Pook's arms.

Yes returned from what she claimed was an excursion through the Nether, and was devastated that No had taken up with another. As she was still C'thun's servant, No came to the conclusion that the woman he loved was gone, and resolved to remain with Pook. He married her on the shores of the river where they first kissed in a joint ritual performed by Tezzin and Xa'ru.

Due to all the madness with his charge, Magatha called for No to be hunted down and killed for his crimes against the Grimtotem tribe. Through weeks of running and attempting to find some way to reconcile with the matriarch, No was at last given a chance to serve time in the Apothecarium as punishment. He took it, and though the process was torturous and held some unforeseen side-effects, he came out of it whole. No returned -- grudgingly -- to Magatha's service.

A Pirate's LifeEdit

No took up with Xa'ru's pirate crew, though he held more loyalty to Xa'ru himself than the crew as a whole or the idea of piracy. He set up residence on a ship he dubbed the Plainswind with Pook and carved out some semblance of a life.

The Grimtotem tribe continued to hound No, and started to draw Pook into their schemes as well, risking both their lives in increasingly dangerous missions. No sought a way out of the tribe through many avenues, and found it, finally, in the guise of his patient Snowhoof great-uncle, Onasitalu. The Snowhoof tribe elder promised to look into the matter, and after a thorough investigation, pulled some strings to allow No into his own tribe.

Despite doing his best to keep out of trouble, trouble found No anyway. He learned of a year-long affair Pook was having with Erunamo and, after a lot of soul-searching, decided to remain with her, though trust was lost. Added to the complication was Pook's pregnancy, calling into doubt who the father was. A long, dark time ensued, with No chasing off Erunamo every chance he got and waiting.

As it turned out, through a very difficult pregnancy, No fathered a daughter they named Isha, or "hope" in Taurahe. A half-tauren, half-elf, the couple decided to keep her and Daltrien sheltered on the ship as long as possible. A long, peaceful time followed, with No warming to his duties as father.

The ShatteringEdit

No was out hunting when the world broke; Ahnen, his talbuk, bucked and threw him off, knocking him unconscious. When he came to and returned to the bay where the Plainswind was docked, he found it gone -- along with any trace of his family.

Distraught and disgusted with the choices that led to his absence at the most important time for his family, No determined to be the protector his family should have had when he found them again. He joined up with the new Sunwalker order to be trained in the use of An'she's power. He then dedicated all of his time and resources to finding his lost family, who he still searches for to this day.

Animal CompanionsEdit

Wiki void


No's animal companion was a large black-scaled raptor he called Void. The creature is incredibly ill-tempered, tolerating no one; even No himself had difficulty controlling him during the best of times. His left eye is missing, as is his right sickle claw, and countless scars cover his hide. Despite the fact that he appears to be a simple animal, he has proven himself to be smarter than he looks. In fact, after No reinforced the bond between them, the raptor found a way to take control of his master's body for brief periods of time.

Void seemed to leave No; the tracker claimed he could no longer sense him, and he'd often been seen in the company of Yes. When Void continually exploited the bond that remained between tracker and creature, No approached Tezzin at Pook's insistence and, with the gnome's help, managed to remove the bond between them entirely.

Void came back at a time when No was full of doubt and tried to insinuate himself back in his life, but he pushed too far and died in a fight with No and Wraith.

No Wraith


No spent some time without a proper hunting companion, but found himself fascinated by the warp stalkers of Terokkar once he reached Outland. He spent a great deal of time observing their habits; eventually, he managed to convince one to follow him. He dubbed the creature "Wraith", due to his uncanny ability to fade out of sight and reappear elsewhere.

Wraith is significantly different from his previous companion. While he is certainly a fierce protector, the warp stalker is not at all snappish. He is curious to a fault, however, and his gifted invisibility and ability to appear anywhere gets him into some dire situations.

He's currently missing with No's family, presumed dead, as No can no longer sense him.

No Jehotay


When it became plain that No would have to travel long distances and arrive without being exhausted, he grudgingly went seeking a mount to carry him. He ended up with a dim-witted and rather pungent kodo. He's never grown to truly like the beast; it's temperamental and stubborn.

Wiki jehotay02

A short time after acquiring the mount, No realized he would likely have to name it, and thus honored it with the name of the first dim-witted and stubborn person he could think of: Jehotay.

No set Jehotay up in a stable for years when he got used to riding Ahnen, but when he joined the Sunwalker ranks, instead of purchasing a new kodo he dragged the stinky beast out of retirement and gussied him up with gear. He's no less stupid, but he looks more intimidating.

No Ahnen


No place in Outland captured No quite like Nagrand. While still containing a slight otherworldly feel, the sweeping grassy plains felt more like home to him than many places in Azeroth. The creatures there fascinated him, and when he learned that some Mag'har had learned to tame and ride the swift native talbuks, he resolved to acquire one for himself.

Ahnen is short for Uku'ahnenkee, or Plainsrunner in the Uli'Taurahe dialect. An unusually large talbuk specimen, he carries the hunter proudly and effortlessly.

No Kitten


During one of No's darkest times, Tarantula gave No a white little ball of fluff she'd rescued. As the troll had recently gone through an extremely traumatic ordeal, No didn't want to upset her... so he took the kitten, resolving to get rid of it discreetly.

Kitten became a ship cat and gleefully hunted rats on the Plainswind. It's assumed she is still on the ship, wherever it is.

No Parade2