"Hi! Welcome to the Seven Deadly Sins!" Edit

The Seven Deadly Sins Tavern was once run in the Stormwind Park, run by the guild, go figure, The Seven Deadly Sins. Here you'd find a good atmosphere to laugh, to eat, to sing, and to get your drink on.

The Seven Deadly Sins was owned and managed by Wooldor. The tavern was fully staffed, running a variety of different positions. Barmaid, bouncer, janitor, entertainer*, and supplier - the tavern had a position for everyone.

Guild History Edit

The Seven Deadly Sins was formed by leaders Holobo, Redor, Asphyxiation, and Wooldor. The four of them banded together when their former organization, the Silent Guard, completed their mission to defend the walls of Stormwind.

Initially, Holobo met Redor in the Silent Guard, where the two of them came up with the idea for the tavern. They started out a small but successful tavern with just the two of them. Shortly after, Asphyxiation volunteered to help out Holo and Red, as called by their friends. Wooldor later joined the Silent Guard and after being a patron of the tavern a couple times, joined on as the Sins' first bouncer.

After the Silent Guard was dismissed, the four friends went and got a charter to officially own the tavern. They managed to pick up a small handful of new employees, including some who were once involved with the Silent Guard. Over time their numbers grew and had quite the full staff.

Redor, Holobo, and Asphyxiation eventually left the Sins to go pursue other interests. Despite working with a newer staff, his friends gone, Wooldor continued to have high hopes for the tavern: hopes that they would provide the best service possible to their patrons, hopes that they would do well in business, and hopes that someday his friends would return and the tavern would once again be complete.

Today, the Sins has closed up due to lack of people wanting to be served.

Tavern Features Edit

The tavern was known to be unpredictable: murders, ghosts, political unrest and an unusual number of chickens have been reported during opening hours. Rather than detract from the popularity of the bar, it became somewhat of an attracting feature.

Other features included the sporadic Drunk Poetry Night, where the patrons gathered to tell tales, sing songs and read original poetry, and Theme Nights, where seasonal fare was served and coming in costume meant a free drink.

Trivia Edit

- The employees of the tavern had been overheard using a complex system of
codes to designate certain situations. - The paintings on the walls? Fakes. - It is physically impossible to consume an entire bottle of TDP. - Redor has weasels in his pants. - Drugs cannot be found sold there... anymore
  • Legitimate entertainment, mind you. We ask that for your more... "exotic" entertainment, you go to Goldshire.